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General Chapter Meeting
July, 10th 2007 [pdf] [doc]
September, 11th 2007 [pdf] [doc]
November, 13th 2007 [pdf] [doc]
January, 8th 2008 [pdf] [doc]
March, 11th 2008 [pdf] [doc]
May, 13th 2008 [pdf] [doc]
July, 8th 2008 [pdf] [doc]
September, 9th 2008 [pdf] [doc]
November, 11th 2008 [pdf] [doc]
January, 13th 2009 [pdf] [doc]
March, 10th 2009 [pdf] [doc]
May, 12th 2009 [pdf] [doc]
July, 14th 2009 [pdf] [doc]
August, 17th 2009 [pdf] [doc]
September, 8th 2009 [pdf] [doc]
November, 11th 2009 [pdf] [doc]
January, 12th 2010 [pdf] [doc]
March, 9th 2010 [pdf] [doc]
May, 11th 2010 [pdf] [doc]
July, 13th 2010 [pdf] [doc]
September, 14th 2010 [pdf] [doc]
October, 12th 2010 [pdf] [doc]
November, 9th 2010 [pdf] [doc]
January, 11th 2011 [pdf] [doc]
March, 8th 2011 [pdf] [doc]
May, 10th 2011 [pdf] [doc]
July, 12th 2011 [pdf] [doc]
September, 13th 2011 [pdf] [doc]
January, 10th 2012 [pdf] [doc]
March, 13th 2012 [pdf] [doc]

Chapter Financial Reports
Financial Report 2008 [xls]
Financial Report 2009 [xls]
Financial Report 2010 [xls]
Financial Report 2011 [xls]

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